In the Covid summer of 2020 I was experiencing a calm period work-wise and decided to try to take on a book project. It worked great … for a couple of days, and then I slowed down, down, down, halt.  Today I thought about taking a new approach to this to see if I could get it rolling again. My current idea is that writing a book is a HUGE project and perhaps I could break it down by starting to publish smaller pieces as blog posts. This would serve several purposes:

  • it would be easier for me to give the writing a pace and some continuity
  • it would give me the opportunity to get feedback on my writing as I go
  • it would get me to start blogging again

My idea is to publish something related to the book every week and hopefully be able to aggregate all of it in the end to something more book-like. 

So what is this book idea that I have then. Well, the working title of it is The Congruent Leader. The book will talk about change and it will talk about how we can interact in more helpful ways but it will NOT be a book ABOUT change or how to act or interact, it will be a book about Being. It will be an attempt at describing how I perceive the concept of Congruence from the standpoint of Virginia Satir and the models and tools I have found to be useful when it comes to being more Congruent. It is not a recipe for becoming in perfect harmony with oneself and others but it will hopefully give some ideas and suggestions along the way of becoming more harmonious, more often and with more parts of our lives.

Being balanced and centered

I’m starting this journey by taking a first step on the platform created by pioneering family therapist Virginia Satir but I will most likely divert from her path as we move along. I will refer to Virginia’s ideas a lot but I do not aim to make this a book on the Satir Model. Having been trained in the Satir Model but never actually met Virginia also means that my interpretation of Virginia’s tools and models will have passed through several filters before reaching you. I have both consciously and unconsciously made additions to and subtractions from her ideas and intentions so please don’t confuse my words for hers when reading this. I will also combine my understanding of her ideas with many other ideas that I have picked up from various sources over the years. I will try to give credit to the sources when I know of them but I would appreciate your help in pointing it out when I miss this or don’t remember the source. 

I hope that this will be a worthwhile series of posts for you to read and I’m sure that it will be of help to myself to get my project going again.

My first post in this series will begin to explain my take on Congruence. I’m looking forward to start this journey with you as a reader and source for feedback.

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