SpryWise is a one man consultancy helping organisations improve their capacity to deliver while also making them more human. My philosophy is that the wellbeing of a company is the aggregate wellbeing of those working in the company.

I’m usually being hired as a change agent or an agile coach. A lot of the value I provide is based on agile principles, methods and practices, but my experience spans over so much more than what fits under the agile umbrella and I’ll pick from whatever is the best fit for your situation.

During my 20 years in software consulting, I’ve had the privilege to work with companies in a wide variety of domains, from trucks and cellphones to finance and fashion, from tv and telecom to travels and insurance. I’ve been helping helping small development teams with their ways of working as well as entire IT departments of 1500+ people. No matter the size of your organisation, it’s always about the individuals working there.